Shall We Dance

This annual dance showcase first saw the light of day in 1991 – an idea by the then CEO of The Playhouse Company to put Ballroom and Latin competition dancing on a stage.  24 years on, and it’s still going strong – one of the longest-running shows in South Africa.What started as a very humble offering of Ballroom and Latin American has evolved into the action-packed dance machine you see today. This year’s production includes Ballet, Belly and Line Dance, Modern and Tap, danced to music that promises something for everybody.Celebrated guest artistes are 2015 World Champion Exhibition couple Gerhard and Amor,  the reigning Ballroom champions from Denmark Nicolai Bouet and Anna Shagalina, and our up-and-coming international Latin pair Darren Hammond and Milla Lykke Nielsen. And if this is not enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, we have on offer a Tap Dogs style tap number, and there might even be a case of “who let the horses out?”  But that’s our surprise only if you come to watch.This is a show for the whole family, yes, even you Dad!  So tear yourself away from the rugby and let us entertain you for 2 hours. If you don’t already know someone in the show, you’ll definitely find a friend or neighbours in the audience.

Show directors Neville Letard and Caryl Cusens are overwhelmed at the public support year by year, and sincerely hope that with continued assistance from The Playhouse Company, it will continue well into the future.

Photography done by Val Adamson.

Member of:
CI Guide 2013-2